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PTSD Expert Witness in Litigation

A forensic psychiatrist is the best suited expert witness in making an accurate diagnosis of PTSD and to testify about the medical condition. Their knowledge and training enable them to consult on issues involving post traumatic stress syndrome and it’s symptoms.

A PTSD expert such as Dr. Nair, can be utilized to provide diagnosis as well as educated guidance though the various paths post traumatic stress disorder / post traumatic stress syndrome symptoms can take.

PTSD Information

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a psychiatric disorder that develops in a significant minority of subjects exposed to serious and life-threatening events.

The majority of people do not develop PTSD, even in the face of serious traumatic exposure, though they may have other types of emotional reactions. Many individuals become emotionally stronger and grow from the traumatic experience.

Those who develop PTSD go on to have characteristic symptoms. An immediate reaction to severe trauma is intense fear, helplessness and/or horror and a shock-like state. Characteristic symptoms include: persistent re-experiencing of the traumatic event, persistent avoidance of trauma reminders, “numbing” of general responsiveness and persistent increased arousal.

PTSD can be a chronic and relapsing condition that can mimic many physical and mental disorders because of the tonic-phasic/waxing-waning nature of PTSD.

In some, PTSD can be a chronic and relapsing condition with waxing and waning symptoms. Hyper-arousal can look like anxiety; avoidance can be mistaken for depression. Somatization (poorly explained bodily complaints) is common in PTSD.

PTSD and pain reinforce one another. There is an increased risk of chronic pain in PTSD patients. Chronic pain and PTSD both are characterized by fear, avoidance and increased overall bodily complaints. TBI worsens both chronic pain and PTSD, resulting in even graver outcomes.

PTSD is associated with increased pain severity due to increased anxiety, poor coping, tendencies to express emotional pain through bodily complaints and catastrophic interpretations of pain.

Dr. Nair has testified extensively as a PTSD Expert Witness and is available for expert witness services and litigation support. Contact Dr. Nair if you wish to inquire about PTSD expert testimony, forensic, litigation consulting and support services, or any other Post Traumatic Stress Disorder related expert services.

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A psychiatric disorder that develops in a significant minority of subjects exposed to serious and life threatening events.



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